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Dogwood Studios conceives and creates murals, decorative paintings and artistic finishes for homes, offices and public spaces. With headquarters in metro Atlanta, we work throughout the Southeast and beyond.

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Al-Farooq Masjid, Atlanta, GA – Familiarly known as the 14th Street Mosque Started in Summer 2007; Completed in Spring 2008

Privileged to be commissioned for this exquisite project, we were inspired to overcome a few challenges along the way. Starting the job during one of Atlanta’s hottest summers on record, we worked in a hard-hat construction zone. With the highest dome 80 feet off the ground, we had to hoist air conditioning units and fans upon our multi-tiered scaffolding to keep us cool enough to work.

Having finished all surfaces of the Mosque’s primary prayer halls and congregation areas with decorative paint and designs, we applied utmost precision and attention to detail throughout. As mentioned, the greatest challenge—and the most fun—were the two domes. (The exterior view of the copper peaks provides a sense of their grandeur.)

The larger dome towering over the main Prayer Hall is 80 feet high and spans almost 40 feet across at its widest point. We painted the interior base and shell in traditional intricate Islamic style with an intricate design 35 feet tall.

The smaller dome covers the Dawa—or library. The clean, geometric pattern is 35 high and 20 feet across. A12-point star is the focus of an interlocking, monochromatic design. One view projects a webbing effect that wraps around dome from start to bottom. Another perspective appears as if it were created by a gigantic Spiro graph.

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